General practitioners with previous orthodontic experience or those new to orthodontics will learn how to think and act like an orthodontic specialist.

F.O.R.C.E., International offers courses for Dentists and staff members. Please call to discuss the educational path that is right for you.

A two part, 8 day, continuing education program in orthodontics taught by a University trained orthodontist and experienced orthodontic educator. This course is based on the concepts provided in a graduate school orthodontic curriculum. The course consists of lecture and hands-on technique training.


This program will discuss WHY a General or Pediatric Dentist should incorporate orthodontics into his/her practice and WHO to learn orthodontics from. Dr. Litt will present the fundamental principles of Craniofacial Growth and Development and their CLINICAL Applications. Current controversies in orthodontics today and the role of "clear aligners" in clinical practice will be discussed.

Only graduates of the Comprehensive Orthodontic program, either in lecture format or online, may attend the Orthodontic Study Group programs. Participants in the study group view and discuss guest (video) lectures, review orthodontic journal articles and present patient records for diagnosis or progress evaluation. The orthodontic study groups are facilitated by Dr. Richard A. Litt.