Early Interceptive Orthodontic and Orthopedic Treatment

Some young children benefit from early interceptive orthodontic treatment.

This treatment may include eruption guidance of the permanent teeth, control of habits, crossbite correction, and management of crowding in the mixed dentition.
Orthopedic correction of skeletal discrepancies may also be accomplished in the young, growing patient.

The practitioner should be able to recognize these potential patients and be familiar with viable treatment options. Most importantly, the skilled clinician must determine when such Phase I treatment is beneficial and defendable.

Course objectives:

  • Understand the concept of Phase I orthodontic treatment and the practice management ramifications
  • Be able to differentiate between dental and skeletal problems
  • Learn to systematically evaluate each patient in all 3 planes of space
  • Become more thoughtful regarding treatment timing
  • Appreciate the differences in growth between boys and girls and the impact on treatment timing for skeletal correction
  • Give considerably more thought to the words “cost-effective” and “time-efficient”
  • Consider the patient first when deciding who benefits from Phase I therapy
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